The attractiveness of Spain for foreign film and television productions stems, not just from its internationally recognized great professionals, unbeatable sceneries and excellent natural and weather conditions, but also from a new tax framework that greatly improves the system of incentives for the film industry.

Tax Rebate: Aimed at Foreign productions shooting in Spain.

With a minimum spend of €1M, foreign producers obtain 25% (30% on the first million) on eligible spend capped at 10M euros in Mainland Spain, 35% on eligible spend in the Navarra region (Northern Spain) and 45% (50% for the first million) on eligible spend capped at 14,2 M euros in the Canary Islands(will be soon raised to 18M euros).

We help to Finance The Tax Rebate

*That's mean you can have the tax rebate as cash flow from the beginning of the production.

**Drop us a line to get more info about the tax rebate in Spain and how we finance it.