Spain offers a wide range of geographical and monumental characteristics. The peninsula is surrounded by 4900 km of coast. It posses 2.600 miles of mountains, 13450 miles of river, snow capped mountains, 1650 square miles of desert,  more than 100 nature parks and all types of architectures.

From snowy mountains, through rocky coasts and  beaches with crystal clear waters to forests or deserts. You name it. Spain is characterized by its marvelous diversity offering all kinds of landscapes for your stories and becoming a stage that can evocate any place in the world. 

Its wonders go well beyond the landscapes we are used to see in the media. We can lead you into the most spectacular yet unkown locations. 

Spain’s historical and architectural heritage is unique and exceptionally preserved. Castles, medieval villas, windmills, ancient walls, mountain and coastal villages, churches and chapels, aqueducts and forts coexist in sharp contrast with modern futuristic cities, airports, ports and stations. 

Also is well known for both its antique treasures and its avant-garde buildings, being a destination for visionary architects throughout history. Ricardo Bofill, Calatrava or RCR are some of the examples of the best contemporary Spanish architects.